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    Imagine having 2 dads, and then them divorcing and dating other men. Then you’d have 4 dads.

    The amount of dad jokes…

    "I’m hungry"
    "Hi hungry, I’m dad."
    "Hi dad, I’m dad too!"
    "Hi dad too, I’m dad three."
    "Hi dad three, I’m dad."

    What have you done


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    R.I.P - Former Prime Minister of Australia (1972-75) Gough Whitlam (Labor Party)… July 11 1916 - October 21 2014 (Aged 98)

    Top defining moments:

    - End military conscription and Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War
    - diplomatic recognition of China,
    - independence for Papua New Guinea 
    - Got rid of University fee’s so that all members of society could go & not just elite 
    - Established Medicare - Free health care to all Australians
    - Established department of Aboriginal affairs in 1972 giving Aborigines land rights
    - Reduced voting age to 18
    - Appointed First minister for women
    + so much more 

    Gough Whitlam truly was one of the greatest leaders Australia has ever had. You will be missed.

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    CultureHISTORY: #FergusonOctober - The Movement

    Incredible scenes from the 'Weekend of Resistance' in Ferguson and St. Louis. #BlackLivesMatter

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    i lied

    inspired by this post

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    your phone is captain America

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    I wasn’t going to reblog this and then I saw the caption.

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  10. "

    What if
    all women were bigger and stronger than you
    and thought they were smarter

    What if
    women were the ones who started wars

    What if
    too many of your friends had been raped by women wielding giant dildos
    and no K-Y Jelly

    What if
    the state trooper
    who pulled you over on the New Jersey Turnpike
    was a woman
    and carried a gun

    What if
    the ability to menstruate
    was the prerequisite for most high-paying jobs

    What if
    your attractiveness to women depended
    on the size of your penis

    What if
    every time women saw you
    they’d hoot and make jerking motions with their hands

    What if
    women were always making jokes
    about how ugly penises are
    and how bad sperm tastes

    What if
    you had to explain what’s wrong with your car
    to big sweaty women with greasy hands
    who stared at your crotch
    in a garage where you are surrounded
    by posters of naked men with hard-ons

    What if
    men’s magazines featured cover photos
    of 14-year-old boys
    with socks
    tucked into the front of their jeans
    and articles like:
    “How to tell if your wife is unfaithful”
    “What your doctor won’t tell you about your prostate”
    “The truth about impotence”

    What if
    the doctor who examined your prostate
    was a woman
    and called you “Honey”

    What if
    you had to inhale your boss’s stale cigar breath
    as she insisted that sleeping with her
    was part of the job

    What if
    you couldn’t get away because
    the company dress code required
    you wear shoes
    designed to keep you from running

    And what if
    after all that
    women still wanted you
    to love them.


    For the Men Who Still Don’t Get It, written 20 years ago by Carol Diehl. 

    She wrote a post about the history of this poem that is worth reading.

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    US students will be able to shield themselves during school shootings with the latest in body armour, the Bodyguard Blanket


    Are fucking kidding me? I have been sitting at home and constantly watching the news after the events of yesterday. For those of you who are wondering, I am a junior at REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL! I was there when the shooter kept running in the halls trying to open the doors and get in. I was there in the dark praying and crying while my librarian kept saying ” they’ll have to kill me before they touch my kids” I have known her for three years, her determination to keep us safe broke her heart. Seeing this, that little children need protection in school. Are we sending kids to a battlefield? I have three little brothers ranging from 5-10, and still people have the nerve to speak about the second amendment? Really? I can’t even type anymore. I’m so disgusted and frustrated. When will you realize that it’s important to have gun control? When a shooter is pointing a gun at your child? Is that when you’ll realize that guns aren’t something to be kept around. People say it’s a free country but honesty, this country is more oppressed and diseased than any other country.

    Show me ONE instance where gun control and gun free zones prevented school shootings.


    Let me tell you guys a story.
    In 1996, in a little town in Australia called Port Arthur, a gunman killed 35 and injured 23. This place was a tourist attraction, with plenty of visitors and locals going about their business. 
    35 people died.That’s 35 marriages, anniversaries, birthdays or uni degrees. 35 people left Port Arthur in body bags.
    At the time, we had a pretty conservative government, and the Prime Minister at the time (in hindsight) was kind of a dick. But within two weeks of the shooting, Howard instituted a massive reform and buyback of all firearms. 

    But it must be a statistical flaw, you say, there weren’t that many massacres before 1996, right? No, WRONG. 
    In the eighteen years leading up to Port Arthur, there had been 13 mass shootings. 

    But April, you ask, this couldn’t possibly have worked could it? Wouldn’t it only have reduced the mass shootings? WRONG.
    Since 1996, there have been ZERO mass shootings. That’s right, ZERO. FUCKING ZILCH. There have been scattered homicides, however:

    How many schools have been raided and children murdered? NONE.
    How many film buffs have been murdered in their seats? NONE.
    How many innocent lives have been lost to the barrel of a gun? NONE.

    On top of this, homicides involving the use of guns, and youth suicide involving the use of guns has declined dramatically, by up to 60%

    Australia, however much the environment tries to kill you, is a safe haven, and you can walk the streets with 99% assurance that you won’t fall victim to a drive by shooting.

    Your move, America.

    Share this until everyone has seen it!

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    Harry Potter text posts

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  13. Here’s the official synopsis for the last season premiere of The Newsroom:

    Season three begins in April 2013 in the aftermath of the Genoa disaster, so the “News Night” team treat a breaking story cautiously, a strategy that could benefit them in the long run. Meanwhile, an anonymous source contacts Neal about stolen government documents that may be related to riots overseas; Sloan tries to solve a puzzle and Maggie subs for Elliot following the Boston Marathon bombings.

    The final season will start on November 9 on HBO: watch here the first full trailer. 


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    this is how Parks and Recreation explained Chris Pratt’s weight loss for Guardians of the Galaxy 

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    This will never not be funny

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